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Liquid water supplement to control coccidia invasion in fowl and young ruminants

COCC-X Tonic is a liquid product with purely plant-based ingredients to reduce infection pressure of coccidia by enhancing local immunity in the gut. The product can be used without restrictions and is complementary to common feeding strategies to control protozoan diseases.


Liquid water supplement to stimulate liver metabolism

LIVER Tonic is a water-soluble powder with plant substances and electrolytes to stimulate liver metabolism. This water supplement is used during the starting and installation phase, during change of diet, lack of appetite, performance depression or when animals are in a poor general condition.
The liver is the largest and one of the most important internal organs. This key organ is at high risk during metabolic disorders (fatty liver syndrome, hepatitis), infectious and parasitic diseases and through toxins (mycotoxins, endotoxins, environment).

Liquid water supplement to manage red mites in poultry naturally

RedMite Tonic is a natural repellant. The main effect is, that the red mites will stop suckling blood from the hens and will remain for a longer time in their nests. The intervals visiting the hens will be reduced. Red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) are blood-feeding ecto-parasites that live in small cracks inside poultry houses. They are crawling out of their nests at night for a blood feed from chickens during the warmer months. Red mites are difficult to eradicate and have significant welfare and egg production implications in commercial and backyard flocks.