The Herb-All range works in different phases of animal's life. At an early stage, it's important to build up immunity, so that the animal is strong enough to handle all different kind of diseases like cryptosporidiosis, coccidia and even viral diseases. Therefore the Herb-All COCC-X is a very good alternative to coccidiostats and antibiotics. Herb-All GUT manages non-specific diarrhoea. During lactation ruminants need a lot of energy. A well functioning liver is essential. Herb-All LIVER prevents fatty liver syndrome and improves protein metabolism. Before and after grazing season, the animals have to be strong enough to handle parasite problems. Herb-All FORCE interrupts the cycle of the larvae and can therefore avoid reinfection of parasites. If animals are stressed or aggressive they have to be calmed down. Herb-All CALM improves natural levels of serotonin and reduces stress-related corticosteroides. For different situations, Herb-All products are the right solution.

Herb-All COCC-X:  


during first 6 weeks of life (gels, pellets or mixed in feed)


Herb-All LIVER:      

during start of lactation and phase of high energy demand


Herb-All FORCE:   


before and after grazing season, during 30 days


Herb-All CALM:       

when animals are under intense stress, like late gestaion and birth, during initial weeks of feeding, when changing housing or regrouping, during the period of sexual maturation, vaccination or transportation.        

Herb-All GUT:        


manages non-specific diarrhoea for faster recovering from dysentery, reduces the need of medication.


Herb-All ASA:        


can help to manage inflammation in dairy cows naturally. It has to be fed in the first days after parturition.