Protozoan diseases cause a huge damage in poultry production. Herb-All COCC-X replaces coccidiostats and antibiotics. No matter if you use in broilers, layers, breeders or turkey, Herb-All is the natural solution for different challenges. Herb-All LIVER strengthen liver function, improves energy conversion from feed into available energy and appropriate glucose supply and can also replace choline chloride & betaine. If animals are stressed, because of regrouping, before transportation or agressive behaviour (feather pecking), Herb-All CALM is the right product to calm them down to avoid losses and injuries.

Herb-All COCC-X:     

from day 1 to day of slaugther (no withdrawal period)

Herb-All LIVER:     

from day 1 to day of slaugther, detoxification, fatty liver syndrome

Herb-All CALM:     

when animals are under intense stress before vaccination or transportation.

Herb-All GUT:     

manages non-specific diarrhoea for faster recovering from dysentery, reduces the need of medication.