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Plant-based Nutrition to enforce parasitic management over a longer period

Herb-All PARA-X is a herbal mixture of selected herbs for enriching feed rations with secondary plant substances. When using Herb-All PARA-X for several months, you can expect less endoparasitic pressure and better digestion and a visible better general appearance of the animals. It works as an immune booster, which results in more resistant and better performing animals. Herb-All PARA-X is a natural product with no residues in the products (milk, meat etc.) and with no withdrawal period.

Herb-All PARA-X works differently than chemical deworming agents. The goal is not a rapid killing of parasites, but the sustainable development of a functioning body defense and a weakening of the parasites. The focus of the assessment when feeding Herb-All PARA-X is therefore on performance and the general constitution of the animals.

Signs of a high parasitic load in ruminants are:
• Shaggy, mat coat with increasingly dirty areas
• Good visible hunger pit
• Clearly visible haw
• Bottle jaw & pale mucous membranes (small ruminants)

Herb-All PARA-X - summary:
Herb-All PARA-X is part of a complete pasture management.
• By feeding Herb-All PARA-X for several months, breeding animals develop optimally.
• Thanks to Herb-All PARA-X, the animals are well prepared for the grazing season on the Alpine pastures
  (prevention parasitic infestation and strengthening of the immune system).
• The mode of action of the herbs promotes the development of a natural defense against many different
• Easy feeding by adding the herbal mixture to the mineral feed, licking blocks or complementary feed.
• Can be fed to young and adult animals.
• No resistances, no withdrawal periods.