Plant-based Nutrition to support liver health and better feed conversion

Herb-All LIVER improves the energy conversion from feed into available energy and appropriate glucose supply. It prevents fatty liver syndrome and improves protein metabolism. It leads to a better drainage and excretion of toxins and metabolites. Furthermore it helps on hoof and claw issues in ruminants and monogastrics and reduces the amount of SCC in milk. 

In Switzerland, a year period of on-farm data recording of more than 400 cows confirmed the milk production trends: cows fed with Herb-All LIVER have consistently given more milk throughout the lactation.

Milk performance in the first 100 days of lactation with standard feed compared with a ration containing Herb-All LIVER showed an increase of up to 3 kg milk/day. In particular, during the critical starting phase of lactation, the fresh cows performed on a high level. The development of somatic cell numbers in the milk was negatively affected by the use of Herb-All LIVER.

Herb-All LIVER can completely replace added choline chloride in broiler feed. 

The standard addition of choline chloride per ton of feed could be replaced by Herb-All LIVER in average without loss of performance under the production conditions of an experimental station. In contrary: broilers with Herb-All LIVER in their daily feed ration showed significantly better fattening results than those with the addition of choline chloride. Herb-All LIVER improves profitability of broiler production.

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