Plant-based Nutrition to enforce parasitic management

Herb-All FORCE reduces the risk of free range infections. It overcomes the reinfection cycle of parasites and intra-flock transmission. The feed producion needs no separated medicated line and there are no withdrawal restrictions. Herb-All FORCE is valued by farmers or production systems where a non-pharmaceutical approach in controlling endo-parasites is desired. The product can be used anytime when needed without restrictions, permanently or during well-deined cures, notably in laying hens, sows, pigs, young ruminants and game animals.

before treatment

after treatment with Herb-All FORCE during 4 weeks

Herb-All FORCE has a different mode of action compared to Anthelmintics

A Thesis at the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Bern demonstrated that Herb-All FORCE has a detectable effect on migration of larvae form the intesine to the lungs. They recommend Herb-All FORCE as a prophylacic or a supporting therapy to keep worm infections at a low level without having a negative impact on animal performance. (Salomé Siegenthaler, Thesis, University Bern, 2014).

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