Plant-based Nutrition to prevent protozoan diseases

Herb-All COCC-X is a reinforcement of natural defence barriers against protozoan infection like coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis. It improves gut microbial control and feed conversion. Moreover, it avoids rotation management and has no withdrawal restrictions. Herb-All COCC-X is recommended in broilers, to rear laying hens and as a part of rotation programs. Herb-All COCC-X also serves young animals like calves, piglets and rabbits, and prevents acute risks in young ruminants.

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Trial with broilers on research farm with coccidian challenge

Herb-All COCC-X was tested in a challenged trial against coccidiostats. Before infection, animals fed with Herb-All COCC-X, had the highest growth rates and the lower mortality compared to the animals fed with coccidiostats. Moreover it showed also a much better effect than the trial group fed with extracts. Final results expressed by the EBI showed the same performance as the coccidiostat.

Stabling and rearing young beef calves without antibiotics

This  experiment with young calves showed that Herb-All COCC-X is an effective alternative to today‘s current housing practice that often relies on the use of antibiotics. During the first 8 weeks in the rearing barn, Herb-All COCC-X fed calves, showed significant higher growth rates compared to antibiotic treated group. The calves were able to respond to existing pathogens more quickly.

Herb-All COCC-X, LifeCircle Nutrition, ryptosporidiosis, coccidia, coccidiosis, young calves