Plant-based Nutrition for Stress Management and Immunity Support

Herb-All CALM is recommended when animals are under intense stress, like late gestation and birth, during initial weeks of feeding, when changing housing or regrouping, during the period of sexual maturation, vaccination or transportation. Herb-All CALM plays an important role in concepts fighting against cannibalism in pigs and feather pecking chicken. It improves natural levels of serotonin, reduces stress-related coricosteroids and supports innate immune system. The pure herbal mixture calms down agitated or aggressive animals and thus reduces mortality in early phases.

Young animals are extremely stressed when transfered to the producion unit. They have to adapt themselves to their new environment (housing, ration, mates etc.). In this critical phase of life, big losses are normal. By feeding Herb-All CALM mortality is significantly reduced. Furthermore, specific plants enhance immunity and promote higher performances. Several trials have shown, that Herb-All CALM can enhance the effect of vaccination. Animals with Herb-All CALM had a higher level of antibodies compared to animals receiving vaccines only.

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