Impact of plant-based Herb-All ASA in freshly calved cows

Herb-All ASA can help to manage inflammation in dairy cows naturally. It has to be fed in the first days after parturition. It will lead to less metabolic disorders and therefore to a healthier milk production corresponding
to nowadays consumer expectations. Herb-All ASA contains only pure herbs and plant material. They were selected for their phenolic and flavonoid content with scientific proven anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties. Furthermore, these secondary plant substances are also known for their impact on immune modulation. Herb-All ASA is a natural alternative to commonly used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as sodiumsalicylate or acetyl salicylic acid. It’s 100% natural and can also be used in organic farming.

Herb-All ASA was tested in several dairy farms. The milk samples were analysed for their Haptoglobin (Hp) content in a specialized laboratory. The (Hp) content in the milk dropped up to -48.0%. Herb-All ASA reduced significantly signs of inflammation at the start of lactation.

Inflammation is common in early lactation. Some degree of inflammation is necessary, but too much promotes disorders in this crucial phase of lactation. The targeted use of Herb-All ASA can improve the transition phase and contributes to a natural-based strategy for transition cows to control inflammation processes around calving.

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