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About us

Our Herb-All products are the natural solution in modern animal feed. The range does not only replace betaine, choline, and all the antibiotics. Moreover it builds up the immunity at the beginning of animal's life. Strong over 25 years of animal nutrition activity, our holding company launched LifeCircle Nutrition to serve and develop new markets, with new products and new concepts. 


Thanks to cumulated market and technical experience in all species, LifeCircle Nutrition has developed a selected porfolio to serve emerging demands and anticipate customer needs. Various trials in ruminants and monogastrics have shown the positive effects of the Herb-All range!


LifeCircle Nutrition is the only supplier offering ayurvedic based herbal mixtures manufactured in Switzerland under GMP+ quality standard with the background of ancient based precise science of combining herbs. We want to be sure to supply you consistent and reliable product quality and composition. Controlling a mixed product is not possible. That's the reason why we import single sun-dried herbs from qualified supply partners and check quality at origin and entry into Switzerland. We analyze every single raw material by HPLC to check if it complies with our high quality standard. This gives you the required security of consistent product performance.


All Herb-All products are available with conventional as well as organic herbs.

We are looking forward to serve you with our natural solutions.