About us

We do trust Nature!

Are you worrying about coccidiosis, cryptosporidiosis, parasites or respiratory problems? Or are you looking for a solution to improve digestion, liver metabolism, oxidative stress, to calm down stressed animals or prevent diarrhea in young animals? Our Herb-All products are the natural way of diseases prevention. Life Circle Nutrition has been developing new concepts for a healthier and more sustainable animal production. Thanks to our long-time technical and market experience in all species, Life Circle Nutrition has established a portfolio with unique mixtures of pure herbs. Several trials under different conditions in ruminants, monogastrics, minor species, pets and aquaculture have shown the positive effects of the Herb-All products!

The whole instead of a part!
All our Herb-All products are composed of pure herbs and no extracts. Herbs contain a lot of active ingredients and secondary plant substances, which are not extractable. Therefore, we use the whole power of these natural ingredients to bring back some missing nutritional elements into feed. The goal is to achieve a maximum synergistic effect of all ingredients and therefore offer you products with a strong effect.

Products – made in Switzerland!
Life Circle Nutrition is the only supplier offering herbal mixtures manufactured in Switzerland under GMP+ quality standard with the background of ancient based precise science of combining herbs. We want to be sure to supply you with consistent and reliable product quality and composition. Controlling a mixed prod¬uct for its composition is not possible. This is why we import fresh-collected, sun-dried herbs from qualified supply partners and check quality at origin and before production. We analyze every single raw material by HPLC to check if it complies with our high-quality standard. This gives you the required security of consistent product performance.

We are looking forward to serving you with our natural solutions.